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Solar Backpack 15.6″ Travel Backpack with USB Charging Port and Power Itself, Laptop Backpack

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Principle of Operation

Step 1: Solar panels —> voltage regulator (steady output current) —> Digital devices charge

Step 2: Solar panels —> voltage regulator —> USB adaptor —> Digital device

Step 3: Solar panels —> voltage regulator —> power-bank (store energy) —> USB adaptor charges your devices

Step 4: Household electrical outlet —>USB adaptor —> power-bank

(If you charge your phone, we recommend step 3)

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Solar Backpack

The travel bag is tech and advanced, designed for charging while on the go. Please noted that this backpack only powered under full sunlight


The backpack is designed with a softly padded shoulder, soft reinforced studs handle, and lightweight 3D suspension back, Miasolé Solar Cells can convert solar energy into electric energy.


Spacious men’s backpack. soft flannel compartment for a 15.6″ laptop, the side pocket for a 10″Ipad, and the main compartment has plenty of room for clothes, books, and more. The 2 side zipper pockets for bottled water and gear umbrellas.


With solar energy, we can remain our electric devices full of power,the LED light always on while charging the devices. Hidden anti-theft pocket on the back for our valuable items. The waterproof material can prevent liquid from splashing into the backpack and soaking the items in the bag.


Made with updated Polyester Fabric, the backpack is sturdy and not easy to wrinkle, ensuring secure long-lasting usage. With a built-in USB charger outside and a built-in charging cable inside the book bag, you can charge your electronic devices on the go. Serve as pro work backpack, travel backpack, business computer backpack, and college high school student backpack for boys, girls, teenagers, adults, men, and women.


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